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Inner critic and creative flow

June 29

An inner critic can be a helpful part of our internal landscape. But in many cases the critic is too tough and instead of giving us guidance and advice, just puts us down and blocks our creativity and ability to move forward. Instead of inspiring us to do better, we want nothing to do with it.

This workshop will create a dynamic and playful exploration of an inner critic using mask making and Process Work. By approaching the critic with play and creativity, you will find its voice and style, and learn how to engage with the critic on productive and collaborative terms. This can begin a transformational process of befriending the critic and creating an ally for you.

Seminar price: $675, Early bird price: $625 until June 1.

Included in the tuition for the Terrapia groups №10.

Accepted payment methods:

Zelle, Venmo 9738969320. Please register here

Here's a story of how this workshop offering was conceived:

At a small New Years celebration, I led a group of all ages in creating mandala drawings. What surprised me was that while grownups and teenagers drew one mandala, a six year old boy created five! Some of his pictures were interesting, others were just a mess, but his level of enthusiasm and creative energy was five times stronger than adults have!

Why was there such a pronounced difference? The answer came from my studies with Arnold Mindell, founder of Process Psychology. He teaches that 80% of our inner voice belongs to a critic- an inner figure which judges and controls our actions and evaluates them against society's measuring stick. My six year old friend’s critic was too weak to limit his joy and ability to create! Probably in a couple of years somebody in a school will explain to him that his drawing are not that beautiful, that he is not talented

enough to be a professional artist, and he will stop drawing five messy mandalas. He will become much more conscious of what people around him think of the product of his creativity, but at the same time his creativity stream will be weakened or blocked. Critic eats up our enthusiasm , passion and joy to be in a creative process. What to do with our critic? Some of the popular psychology advises us to kill the bastard! But I don’t think that's a good idea. We do live in a social world and the critic's voice can prove to be an ally in it. This workshop is a research project – we’ll consciously research the critic's role in our life, talk about critic, play out our critic's role and connect to our source of creativity by making a mask of the harsh critic. Gaining this understanding brings our critic to the light where we can implement simple tools to develop a healthy, supportive, and fun relationship.


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