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July 14-16. Meet your inner peace retreat

Join Katya Pemberton and Dina Ostrovsky for a healing and rejuvenating retreat where we will slow down, take time for ourselves and experience the benefits that meditation, breath, and gentle movement of Qigong have to offer.

We will explore the complementary wisdom of Tibetan and Chinese traditional practices.

Katya will share contemplative techniques from Tibetan Buddhism, guiding us to release into presence and oneness with the nature of mind. We will employ visualization, breathing and abiding in pristine awareness that comes from ancient Buddhist Tantra.

Our Qigong sessions led by Dina will help your body enter a state of deep relaxation and openness, establishing the foundation for meditation.

Enveloped by Nature, we will walk along the forest paths and amongst the river, and, weather permitting, will have a bonfire under the night skies. All level practitioners are welcome.

Early bird price $525 if paid by May 15

$575 after


Venmo, Zelle 973896 9320

The group of 12 people, please reserve your place in advance.

Included : comfortable accommodation at the retreat center:

Two breakfasts and lunch. We will serve healthy organic meals. Please bring one healthy dish for a potluck dinner. For Sunday dinner we will go out to the New Paltz restaurant.

Retreat Schedule

Day 1 - Friday


• 3-5pm: Check-in, settling in

• 7-9pm: Opening Circle. Evening meditation.

Day 2. Saturday.

• 8-9:30am: Qigong Practice

• 9:30-10:30am: Breakfast

• 11am-12pm: Introduction to Meditation. Breathing and meditation practice.

• 12-1pm: Forest walk,Walking qigong.

• 1-2pm: Lunch

• 2-3:30pm: Breathing and meditation practice

• 4-6pm: Trip to the mountains, Qigong by the mountain river.

• 6-7pm: Dinner

8pm Evening meditation

9pm Relaxation, campfire

Day 3. Sunday.

• 8-9am: Qigong and meditation practice.

• 9:30-10:30am: Breakfast

• 11-12:30pm: Breathing, meditation practice

• 1-2pm: Lunch

• 2:30-4pm Walk, meditation

• 4pm Closing circle.


Katya Pemberton, Mindfulness & Meditation Instructor, Death Doula. She has been practicing Tibetan Buddhism since 2001, and teaching Mindfulness and Meditation for the past 3 years. Katya is also exploring the common ground between Western psychotherapy, neuroscience and Buddhism.

Dina Ostrovsky, MA

Dina is the founder and primary teacher at TERRApia School of Transformation

She weaves together modern psychology, creative expression, and ancient spiritual practices into her transformational programs designed for those seeking to create profound and meaningful changes in their lives


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