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Philosophical Qigong at the Jetlag Festival

Why such a strange name?

Because we are practicing ancient Chinese Qigong exercises and at the same time, we reflect and contemplate on important topics:

- How do we gather strength and energy, how do we recharge our energy battery?

- How do we open up in our communication with the world, how do we focus on specific goals?

- What is charisma?

- How do we share our pleasure with others and how do we focus on ourselves?

- How can we cleanse old heartaches and let the flow of joy and kindness in?

-What if there is an excess of energy, what should we focus on?

- How can we view our life tasks from a different perspective and gain important insights?

And all these answers come from your inner wisdom, simply by doing pleasant and gentle exercises.

And if you haven't had a chance to do them with us at the festival, join us for free classes every Saturday and Sunday at 10 am.


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