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Playback Theater

September 28-29

New Paltz, NY

Workshop facilitator Olga Sanachina

Hello everybody!

We are excited to announce the commencement of our long-term Playback Theater educational program.

Who should join?

  • If you're keen on personal development and increasing emotional intelligence.

  • If you'd like to rediscover the joy of being happy like a child.

  • If you're interested in learning modern social practices.

  • If you want to take the stage and play.

  • If you aim to boost your confidence in public and navigate unpredictable life.

  • If you are a social worker, teacher, psychologist, seeking additional art tools.

  • If you need to feel more connected with your body, soul, and others.

  • If you're looking to spend two days outside the city, surrounded by nature, focusing on art, creativity, and development.

This program is specially designed for you!

What is Playback Theater?

It is a unique method created by Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas, blending improvisational theater and psychology. Actors perform on stage based on the spontaneous stories of the audience, creating a vibrant event where real stories take on new meanings, colors, and emotions.

In these two days, we will:

Get to know each other and form a team.

Develop improvisational skills and expressive acting.

Strengthen the connection with the body and develop physical expressiveness.

Play games and nurture creative sources within us.

Learn to tell and listen to stories, understanding their essence and transforming them into theatrical form.

Experience fun, joy in interaction, co-creation, drive, and a sense of valuable contact with each other.

Olga Sanachina is a co-founder, performer, and director of VOZDUKH Center - a creative laboratory ( She is an accredited trainer in playback theater (Playback Center, New York), a playback actress, and co-founder of the pioneer playback theater in Russia, "New Jazz." She is also a psychodramatist and a graduate of actor-director courses at the Polish Theatre in Moscow, the PYR FYR Performance School, and the "Philosophy of Art" course at the Higher School of Economics.

The seminar price is $675, early bird $575 if paid by August 1.

$625 if paid by August 30.

Venmo, zelle 9738969320

Included : comfortable accommodation at the retreat center:

Two breakfasts and one lunch- healthy organic meals. Please bring one healthy dish for one potluck dinner. For Sunday dinner we will go out to the New Paltz restaurant. Join us at the first workshop and experience Playback Theater for yourself! See you there! 🎭✨


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