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TERRApia School Relationship Mandalas

High and low dreams in relationships. When we dream about a romantic relationship, we imagine the best qualities it can bring into our life. Ideas of the perfect relationship may vary quite a bit from person to person. Some dream about comfort and safety and trust, some about a sparkly joyful adventure, many would love to combine all of that together. If we are lucky we get to reach our high dream, for a while. Then, as life is not a straight path, but a journey between the high and low points, we find ourselves at the lowest point of our relationship. Exploring and unfolding the farthest edges of your relationship can help you Relationship spirit – the organizational principle behind your relationship journey. This is a perfect pathway to learn about deep energies and stories which brought you together. We will learn to remember and hold onto the outstanding and intriguing moments which happened at the beginning of your relationship and weave this knowledge and experience into a complex and fascinating story about your relationship myth. Having this story-myth will help you bring out the joyful and creative sides of your relationship and get through the challenging times with ease.


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