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TERRApia School of Transformation, 1st year program. Group №9. Seminar 8

March 16-17

Seminar 8. Closings the circle, opening the spiral. There are many requests in a coaching practice, which sound like this: I am ready to move to the next level in my career, business, money making, but there is an obstacle I can’t overcome. The obstacles can have various names and shapes - from the person’s partner, to the unnamed atmosphere of fear which stops him/her from moving forward.

The “System Insight” method allows you to experience the energy and the essence of the “obstacle”. In many cases, we find that an obstacle possesses an enormous untapped resource. This method allows us to tap into this resource, to find out what stops one from using it for creative development.

We’ll work in an ecological and safe style to bring this resource into your life without destroying things that work well for you, but allowing you to expand your creative presence in society.

In this seminar we will explore:

System Insight. Finding wisdom in the area of money, career and creativity. This method is geared for coaches, managers, business owners, to resolve complex business or career related situations.

The goal of this practice is to help a client be more clear about his/her business field dynamics.

This gives the client new information and resources to find an effective direction in the business development, to come up with innovative ideas, to see the places of untapped resources and to balance energies in the area of money and career.


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