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Sapelma is a shamanic medicine healer from Buryatia, Siberia. She comes from an ancient lineage of healers connected to the Buryat line of Tibetan Buddhism. Sapelma can trace her ancestry back 10 generations, all of whom practiced the ancient healing tradition. Her brother and grandfather were Buddhist lamas. According to the traditions of this lineage, it spans for 10,000 years. According to these same traditions, the healers of her lineage are reborn in the Pure Lands of Green Tara and then reincarnate on Earth with the purpose of helping people.

This moment Sapelma works at the Dragon Nest center in New Paltz, NY.

Around 200 people from the Terrapia community have already received sessions from her and achieved specific health improvements.

The cost of a session is $200, and each session lasts 1.5-2 hours. It involves a deep body massage with powerful energetic effects.

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