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Shamanic Medicine Ceremony

July 27

The goal of this ceremony is to promote body and soul healing, deepen the skills acquired during Terrapia classes, celebrate the community, perform ancestral healing, and work on personal challenges.

Depending on the day and time, the Shamanic Medicine Ceremony can include various rituals and exercises such as gratitude ritual, intention settings, spirit offerings, cacao ceremony, water blessings, ancestral offerings, sound healing, essential oils healing, and art therapy.

Prior to the ceremony, you will have a private intention-setting session.

The morning after the ceremony, we will have both group and private integration sessions as well as breakfast. If the weather is good and you have time, you can join us for a Sunday afternoon hike.

Ceremony contribution is $380,

Overnight stay in the Dragon Nest retreat is included

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a day ago

will this be offered again ?

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