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Shipibo traditional ceremony.

October 26-27

In Upper Amazon, along the Río Ucayali lives the tribe, the Shipibo.

Shipibo people maintain a strong tribal identity and retain many of their ancient shamanic practices. Since 2011 I have been studying curanderismo - an art and craft of communication between the physical and the spiritual worlds to restore the balance in one`s body, and in community.

There will be two ceremonies over the weekend, on Friday and Sunday nights. You can take full weekend retreat, or just one ceremony.

Please arrive by 6pm on Friday and by 4pm on Saturday.

On Saturday and Sunday afternoon, there will be integration sessions, relaxation, a walk in the forest, sauna, and jacuzzi.

The retreat cost includes: Accommodation at the comfortable Dragon Nest retreat center, ceremony, healthy food, morning qigong, Zoom session for ceremony preparation, integration practices (Conversation, Process Work, Art Therapy, Sound and Movement Work), personal sessions before or after, afternoon forest hike.


Full retreat: Friday, Saturday, Sunday $820, early bird, pay by September 20 $750

One ceremony: $480, early bird, pay by September 20 $420

Terrapia School group # 9, # 10- 10% discount

Ceremony facilitator Natalia Kivak Please register here

Integration therapist Dina Ostrovsky


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