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The Terrapia community retreat was wonderful!

Three days filled with loving joyful communication, beauty, music, songs, art, and practices.

This is the 4th retreat of its kind, and you can see how we have grown in skill, style, brightness, and depth. How easily we transition from one practice to another, enjoying movement, drawing, singing, and working with energies.

We did yoga and qigong, sculpted and painted ceramics, and created neurographic art. We danced and sang.

We performed rituals dedicated to the Terrapia School: Birth of the Magician and Walking on Fire.

There were lectures, private sessions, reiki, massage, theta healing, and kundalini activation.

There was a holiday market with ceramics, jewelry, and more. There was Playback Theater.

Delicious food cooked with love was served.

Plans were made for the future - seminars, trips, guests, birthdays, skill exchanges, and the joy of new friendships.

These are all facets of Terrapia community's development. We are growing with talents, magic, strength, and joy.

And we carry all of this into the new year 2024 for ourselves, for the community, for the Earth!


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