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Playback Theater workshop. Presence in Speaking, Leading and Life

July 14, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

New Paltz, NY

“Immerse your story”    Do you believe that Theater can have a healing impact? Do you know that theater was born in Greece as one of the tools of emotional release for people? Can we use theater as a tool of psychological support, social changes, and transformative dialogue? I truly believe we can! And invite you to meet with one of the theatrical improvisational styles - playback theatre. During playback theatre performances audience shares their personal stories and actors, and musicians play them back on stage. The performance of playback theatre gives the audience time to be heard, to create a dialogue through stories about something important for them, and gives support and empathy. During the workshop - We will experience our body expression and improvisational acting - We will focus on deeply listening to each other and use special impro skills to act it out on stage. - Learning to tell and listen to stories, understanding their essence, and transforming them into theatrical form. - We will explore how you can use playback theater in your setting - Also, we have fun, joy in interaction, co-creation, drive, and a sense of valuable contact with each other. Workshop leader Olga Sanachina Accredited trainer in the playback theater (Playback Center, New York), playback actress and founder of playback theaters in US and Russia, psychologist and psychodramatist, graduate of acting and directing courses at the Polish Theater in Moscow, performer. Conducts workshops on playback theater, improvisational movement, performance and long-term training programs in Europe, Canada, USA, Russia, Africa, India, the Middle East. The Workshop price is $55, early bird $40 if paid by July 12.

Venmo, zelle 9738969320 Included : comfortable accommodation at the retreat center:


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