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Psychedelic Education program

Our training program offers a certificate in psychedelic facilitation that prepares professionals from a variety of backgrounds to safely integrate psychedelics into their practice. Current research confirms that such integration could offer breakthrough experiences for clients who’ve been using therapeutic interventions to sustain themselves without any significant progress.

Why Us?

The program is rooted in ancient spiritual traditions that our team members studied for decades. We will help you gain deeper understanding of historical and cultural aspects to facilitate with awareness and respect to the people who brought us this sacred gift

Our curriculum includes a broad array of relevant modalities, giving you an extensive toolkit necessary to interpret and integrate the unique insights of psychedelic-assisted sessions.

The practical aspect is led by professionals experienced in facilitation of radical transformation including psychedelic-assisted sessions, insuring safety and effectiveness of your future work.



Entheotherapy Intro Zoom

Michael Yoshpa, Dina Ostrovsky 2023

ENTHEOTHERAPY is an interdisciplinary progressive curriculum dedicated to studying and mastering the art and science of psychedelic-assisted therapy. It is designed for healthcare professionals interested in novel methodologies that enhance and deepen their therapeutic practice. ENTHEOTHERAPY is a harmonious synthesis of traditional and innovative approaches offering a broad array of modalities including process-oriented psychology, ethnobotany, neuroscience, meditation, dreamwork, and body-oriented practices.


AZORES retreat

Immerse yourself in a 9-day transformative retreat at the Laughing Orchard Retreat Center on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores. Nestled within a volcanic crater, this unique environment serves as both a teacher and a healer.

Our Team

Dr. Michael Yoshpa

Dr. Michael Yoshpa is a process-oriented therapist and a life coach, who teaches meditation, yoga, and chi gung. His current therapeutic interests include peak experiences, altered states of consciousness, and dream work. Michael holds a PhD in pharmacognosy and medicinal chemistry, and master’s degrees in biology and education. His research is centered in ethnobotany and phytochemistry of psychoactive plants.

Michael is a founder of Polyphonic Academy, a novel educational system comprised of experience-based learning, such as My Creative Self, Life Stream, Living Science, and Living Dreams. Michael’s work is based on syntheses of traditional and devised approaches that he has developed over the course of many years of studies, practice, and research.

MIRRASTUDIO -1629.webp

Dina Ostrovsky, MA

Dina is the founder and primary teacher at TERRApia School of Transformation. She weaves together modern psychology, creative expression, and ancient spiritual practices into transformational programs designed for those seeking to create profound and meaningful change

Dina is a certified process-oriented facilitator with a master’s degree from Process Work Institute, who has led Family Constellation seminars and private coaching sessions in the New York Metro area since 2009.

Since 2013 she has led countless personal and group psychedelic integration sessions in the New York and Boston areas. Prior to that, Dina served as a clinical director of a holistic rehabilitation clinic in Costa Rica. She has also assisted the renowned elder TaitaJuan Bautista Chindoy, a traditional healer associated with Colombia’s Yagé tradition, during multiple addiction-program

retreats in Malinalco, Mexico as an integration therapist.

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