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Eclipse practice.

The month of October is the month of two eclipses Lunar and Solar. Lunar eclipses is on Oct 8, 6.55 am and Solar eclipse is on Oct 23 5.45 pm. Astrologers consider that this is a great time to release old outdated ideas, bonds and fears and to set up intentions for a new things come in our life.Here I decide to describe a small practice you can do at the day of eclipse.First part is to release old things which don’t serve us anymore:-Create a list of things you would like to let go. Before you get rid of this ideas, person or behavioral pattern, answer those questions: what did you learn from this unpleasant things which happened in your life? Have your lifestyle, your relationships, you view on life been changed, because this thing was present in your life? If you have an answer to this question, then express your gratitude to this harsh teacher and put this thing in your list. If you can’t answer this question- there are still work to be done…Second part – to create intention for a new events in your life. Create a list of what you want to bring.Contemplate on the next questions:-What will happen in you life if you get what you want. How your lifestyle, relationships, views and habits will change. Are you ready for this change?On the days of eclipses don’t plan any serious activities. Start your practice 40 min before the time of the eclipse with a contrast shower. Sit comfortable, 15 min before the eclipse you contemplate on the 1st list and imagine things which don’t serve you anymore are leaving your life. After eclipse you can meditate on a second list and imagine new great events coming in your life.Good luck with this practice!


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