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Before I met Dina, I felt like I was stock in time. The only difference was that the clock was actually ticking but situations did not change. I was kind of lost in my life. I was not able overcome certain situations. Despite my young age, good health, kindness and attractiveness, and even despite positive thinking that I would usually use to help others, I lost my confidence, I was hopeless and afraid. I did not understand myself, I did not know what to do.

When I met Dina on one of the girls gatherings, she kind of noticed my uncertainty, and without me telling her much about myself, she "lifted" me up. She did not even say much. But what whatever she did, was so much to the point and with such a light.

And that's when I thought, how nice would that be to know how she does what she does, be able to implement in my daily life, and help those that are in need for some lift up as well. Very shortly after my thought, Dina announced that she is opening her own Transformation Coaching school, and she is looking for students to join in her first class. I had a back thought at first of not joining, since as I said, I was caught up in my life. But on the other hand, I realized for myself that that was exactly the reason why I have to join.

No regrets were made ever. Since the first class I've learned so much how to deal with myself. How to "notice" what universe is telling. How to extract the energy from within yourself, which as I realized is in abundance in everyone of us. And it's amazing when you learn that skill, the need of own interpretation and guessing disappears, because you get to see things the way they are, which makes it much easier for making right decisions and taking appropriate actions.

That's a lot to Dina for all her knowledge that she is passes on to us.

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