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The Dance of Creativity: a toolkit for accessing your creative flow.

This program is based on the idea that creativity is not the privilege of some talented elite, but a state that every human has access to from birth. Sometimes we find ourselves in this state naturally, and easily complete the creative task, but sometimes the very next day we get stuck and are unable to move forward. Those moments when you can’t move forward are usually viewed as negative blocks. They lead to frustration, depression and addictive tendencies. The method of Process Work approaches those states as doors for deepening your connection to the creative flow. A curious and skillful exploration of your obstacles will give you access to new ideas, inspiration and innovations. We will support our research and learning with art projects, dance and movements.

• Build a creative approach to any life task – large or small. • Learn how to move gracefully through “creativity blocks”. • Connect more deeply with your unconsciousness. • Use obstacles as resources for new ideas and inspirations. • Express your emotional diversity through art.

• Build a unique “Creativity Toolkit” - a set of practices which will give you more abilities to be successful in your creative tasks. This program targets adults who are currently involved in innovative or creative projects, and people who would like to find a deeper connection to creative self-expression. Five classes, 4.5 hours each, $380 total This program is based on the theory and practices of Process Oriented Psychology or “Process Work”. Process Work is the philosophy and practice which teaches us methods for turning any life obstacles into a wonderful opportunity for growing your potential, wisdom, and creative abilities. 1. Manage your “inner critic”. Critical or creative thinking? Self-criticism is an unavoidable part of the creative process. As we try to step into new unexplored territory, the critic inside us emerges. We will practice turning the harsh inner critic into a friendly ally and adviser. Create a “critic” mask. 2. Addictive tendencies and the creative process. Access deep meditative states and make them a resource for your new ideas. Many people use substances or other addictive tendencies to access deep states as a source of new ideas, inspirations and connection to their deeper self. We will learn methods for how to access those states in healthy ways, and to bring back useful insights and inspirations. 3. “Dance” between polarities. What drives you towards being an active creator? What holds you back? We have opposite energies which arise around the creative process. Using movement techniques and nature imagery, we will practice creating a healthy balance between personal polarities. 4. The “Life Myth”. Let’s explore the bigger picture. Who are you in your life story? What role does creativity play? Life Myth is a method to see the organizing principal which forms your life journey. What kind of movie or book could be written about your life story? What kind of hero are you? We will create an art project around your personal “Hero’s Journey”. 5. It is not a circle, but a spiral We will reflect on our course (journey), create an inventory of the toolkit we’ve collected though these classes, and set creative goals for the future. You will draw your personal creativity mandala. TEACHER: DINA OSTROVSKY weaves modern psychology, creative expression, and ancient spiritual practices into her transformational programs. Since 2009, she has led Family Constellation seminars and private coaching sessions in the New York Metro area. From 2012- 2013 she worked as a therapist for Holistic Light, a holistic rehabilitation center in Costa Rica, where she used Family Constellation practices to work with drug and alcohol addiction. Currently, Dina works as a transformational coach and Family Constellation facilitator and is pursuing her M.A. in Process Oriented Psychology. Dina has been studying Tibetan Buddhism and Qigong for many years with Master Choegyal Namkhai Norbu and other advanced teachers. She is also a founder and director of Ursa Major Travel Club, a company that offers spiritual travel adventures around the world. The art and science of transformation is Dina’s career and passion. She is honored to assist others on this path with her knowledge, vision and experience. More info at

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