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New groups in New York and Boston will start in September 2017.

Dear friends,

TERRApia School of Transformation opens doors for a new students. New groups in New York and Boston will start in September 2017. Welcome to contact us for more info and free introductory session.

  • Learn effective, practical, and dynamic methods of mastering your inner balance and healthy relationships.

  • Know and Understand your unique life path and purpose

  • Connect to your ancestors' powers, receive their blessings, and transcend the spell of the generational trauma

  • Set your personal goals and reach them

  • Have a community of openhearted, powerful, magical friends supporting you

  • Increase your creative flow and use it for your own benefit as well as help others

  • Enjoy yourself, explore your creativity and playfulness

Have you ever thought about the meaning of the word “education” in its entirety?

We’ve all studied math, science, chemistry, and art in our colleges and schools. Granted, all of these things have helped us to advance in our life;

However, what we have not been taught is to how to balance ourselves and develop healthy and sustainable relationships with others.

To be truly successful in life, we need to grow our own personal powers, learn how to set boundaries and most importantly, be happy, loving, and compassionate human beings.

At the TERRApia School of Transformation, we are on a mission to provide the missing part of a real quality education.

We want to share with you a testimonial statement from one of our students about her experience at TERRApia School:

“I had the privilege being a student of TERRApia; I started in October 2015, completed a 1 year program and enrolled in a second year program. While other teachings view problems as ‘symptoms’, TERRApia methods assume that all aspects of human experience, like all aspects of the nature, move towards some meaningful purpose. Curiosity, openness and desire for growth helped me to get through painful realizations, inner conflicts and relationship challenges. Throughout my coursework, I experienced laughter, tears of joy, sense of relief from body symptoms, fun with movement and dance. My relationship with my partner improved. We went from going from frequently fighting, to mutual understanding and deeper intimacy. My work situation improved dramatically as well and I was able to step up to the next level in my career. All the methods I’ve learned in TERRApia School I use in my everyday life.”

This year we will have two groups in New Jersey and Boston. The program extends over the course of 10 months. Classes are one weekend per month. We will have practice sessions and homework in between.

Program cost is $4,200.You can get a 5% discount if you reserve your spot by July 1st. Please see more info at

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