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Last class of TERRApia School of transformation 2018 - one year program completed!

The last class of the TERRApia School of Transformation one-year program has been completed. Many of my students came to the school in search of their creative path. However, this particular group was different. Every student in this group had already achieved certain levels of personal development and creative expression. Among them were seminar leaders, teachers, performers, artists, and accomplished athletes. So, why did they come to the TERRApia school? Because they aspire for more. As the saying goes, "The taller the tree, the bigger the roots." If you want to be visible in society and, at the same time, maintain inner peace and balance, you need to dig deep within yourself. Our society often showcases examples of unsustainable success. We witness successful actors projecting an image of superpower and joy while struggling with panic attacks and addictions. We hear inspirational speakers who rely on antidepressants. We grieve when admired stars take their own lives through suicide. In the TERRApia program, we embark on a deep and thorough exploration of our inner landscape. We take inventory of our talents and discover resources to utilize them to the fullest. We confront our personal demons, befriend them, and transform their energy into creative drive. We learn to observe ourselves and others with wisdom and compassion. We acquire methods that help us harmonize social success with inner balance and peace. We develop skills to guide others through their obstacles and grow together as a group, a community, and a society. Throughout the year, we have celebrated numerous success stories, including new jobs, salary increases, promotions, new relationships, enhanced charisma, and greater ambitions. This program also serves as a prime example of how creative individuals can benefit from investing their time, effort, and resources in a new form of education. I view the TERRApia school project as an educational initiative. I foresee a near future where practical education in transformational methods becomes an integral part of the educational system. I believe that this kind of education is currently missing in our rapidly changing society. I envision a time when our society will recognize these subjects as vital as math and physics. I see my school as one of the pioneers preparing professionals in the field of transformational studies. If you wish to be a part of this future, please reach out to me. The TERRApia school is moving forward into the next year, and new groups will be starting soon.

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