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TERRApia school of transformation annual retreat 2018

The TERRApia School of Transformation's annual retreat filled me with immense pride for our school and its community! It was a celebration that showcased our collective ability to create a space where everyone can unfold their unique magic and talents. We can now confidently affirm that TERRApia School provides fertile ground for nurturing new leaders, teachers, healers, artists, magicians, and individuals who flourish in relationships, business, and self-expression. During this retreat, we experienced deep, powerful, and blissful practices, all led by TERRApia students:

  • Natalia Krasnova led the Despacho gratitude practice.

  • Natasha Chapala guided us through Feminine Yoga.

  • Dina Divine led the Dance of Many Dimensions.

  • Gava Turetsky served as the fire-keeper for the fire-walk.

  • Marina Kogan conducted Medicine Bowl healing.

  • Olga OM introduced us to Neurographica.

  • Angela Sokolova led the Curious Goddess Qigong.

  • Natalia Krasnova and Dina Ostrovsky presided over the Rebirth ritual.

  • Our guest of honor, Andrey Tamarchenko from, facilitated Cave painting.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to all my students and friends who support this project! Four groups have completed the TERRApia ten-month course so far, and people from all four groups had the opportunity to meet each other during the retreat, many of them meeting for the first time. "We are diverse. We are TERRApists from New York or Boston, ranging in age from 65 to 25. What unites us is TERRApia education, which has equipped us with the tools to approach life's challenges with curiosity and effective methods. We have a deep understanding of our own inner landscapes, which fosters a more positive and compassionate attitude towards ourselves and others, enabling us to infuse fun, art, and success into our lives." If you are on a path to connect with your core magic and power, to discover yourself as a leader, teacher, and creator of your own life, please reach out to me for a free introductory session. We are launching new groups in New York and Boston this fall!

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