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Art Therapy with the elements of Imagery work and Neuroart

Margarita Amrita Schwartzman will be presenting a very unique method of self discovery - image therapy with neural art for boosting your neural activity, creativity and life force.

Neuroart is an artistic approach to transforming ourselves and the world. This special drawing technique helps to link our conscience with sub-conscious by activating connections between our brain cells – neurons - thus offering the key to infinite source of energy available through our brains.

Neuroart is the action that activates already existing neural connections and creates the new connection for our best potential in achieving our goals, solving problems and modeling the future. And, the most important it boosts our creativity and our drawing abilities. As the end result we feel more empowered with the life-changing tools and feeling of joy from the process of art work!

We will have 3 sessions - allow 3 hours for each session:

1. Drawing neural flowers - this algorithm that will allow you to get familiar with neural art and basic ideas of neurographics. The best drawing will be rewarded with 1 private neural drawing session with Margarita

2. Neural Tree Algorithm - is the combination of drawing and imagery work. We will define our future life goals by looking to the past and at the present moment to allow the process of drawing to create a beautiful art filled with a deep meaning, clear vision of the life goals and means to accomplish them.

3. Creating harmony and balance within oneself - work on balancing the left and right hemisphere utilizing the neural art technique. As a result one will recognize the conflicting elements and work on harmonizing them. Some conflicts may take more than one drawing to resolve, but once one learns the algorithm he/she should be able to work on one's own and present one's future work to Margarita for supervision.

Neuroart by Margarita Amrita Schwartzman

Neuroart by Dina Ostrovsky


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