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TERRApia School of Transformation: 1st year program


The next group will start:

New York: April 16, 2024 .

Address: New Paltz, NY

Boston: TBD

First year program cost: $445 per month, 16 month program

Early bird discount 10% if registered before April 1st

In this course, you will learn the basic methods of Process Work, Family Constellation, and Transformational Life Coaching to use in your daily life and your professional life. Students taking this course will experience personal transformation, gain a better relationship with themselves and others, expand their creativity, improve their career, and connect with their life purpose. They will work through their personal limitations and blockages to attain the next level of being a conscious creator.

This program includes: 1. Eight weekends. One group face-to-face weekend every 6 -8 weeks. Sixteen hours per weekend. Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm. 2. Ten one-hour private Skype sessions, or face-to face sessions per year. 3. Eighteen video-conference classes via "Zoom" .

4. Four shamanic ceremonies

Curriculum Overview:

Seminar 1. Dreams and body symptoms as wisdom advisers and powerful allies.

Seminar 2. Relationship Dances and Wars. Process Work methods to research and work with relationships.

Seminar 3. Group facilitator as a martial artist. Find your style as a group facilitator, work with critics.

Seminar 4. The dreams of a shaman. Altered states. Addictive tendencies.

Seminar 5. Exploring your life myth. The art of charismatic presentations.

Seminar 6. Set creative goals.The art of manifestation. Organizational Family Constellation theory and practice.

Seminar 7. Family Constellation theory and practice, working with groups.

Seminar 8. Catskills retreat. Shamanic initiation "Four Elements". Making a vision and plans for the future.

Curriculum Details:

Seminar 1. Dreams and body symptoms as wisdom advisers and powerful allies, 2 days.

Working with dreams and body symptoms using Process Work methods.

Are you looking for your own path to health, wisdom, spirituality, and social success? It is great to listen to western doctors or eastern gurus, but it is also useful to find your own doors to universal wisdom. Every night these doors are opened to you through dreams, during the daytime they often come through as pain, or other feelings in your body. The methods of Process Oriented psychology or Process Work can become a key to open these doors.

In this seminar you will learn and practice Process Work methods to work with your dreams and body symptoms to gain new insights and develop new internal resources.

The seminar will include:

  • Base Process Work theory. Introduction to three levels of consciousness by Arnold Mindell: consensus reality, dreamland and non-dual essence. Primary and Secondary Process. Edge and Edge figures. Channels as a way to experience and express dream energy.

  • Unfolding dream messages. Connection between dreams and body symptoms.

  • Working with nightmares.

  • Illness prevention and healing though dream work.

  • Integrating dream messages and energies into practical life solutions.

  • Practical exercises.

Seminar 2. Relationship Dances and Wars, 2 days.

There aren’t too many things more important in our lives than relationships with others. We rely on our relationships to help us get what we wish and deserve – love, opportunities, money, peace. We study a lot of subjects in our school and college years, but nobody teaches us relationships. Then we grow up and find out that the science of being related is much more important for well-being than math and chemistry.

How should we approach relationships consciously? Are conflicts an inseparable part of relationships? How can we use conflict as a path to deeper intimacy, instead of separation?

This seminar will give you practical methods to understand your relationships, conflicts, and the direction of development.

This seminar will include:

  • Process work theory in relationships. Primary and secondary processes, edges, channels, dream figures.

  • Working with the person who triggers you.

  • Exploring “high and low dreams”. Personal expectations and experiences of happiness and suffering in relationships.

  • Connecting to the relationship myth. Practical exercises to work with relationship conflicts. Dancing with the conflict.

  • Relationships as spiritual paths. The purpose of the relationship and how it makes us grow.

Seminar 3. Group facilitator as a martial artist, 2 days

When you step out of the comfortable role of a participant/student/follower, into the role of a facilitator/ leader, the atmosphere around you changes dramatically.

You suddenly step into the scene where people judge you, criticize you, and project themselves onto you.

In this seminar, you will learn how to swim in the new waters of being a public figure. You will also find your style as a facilitator, work with critics, and transform your harsh inner critic into a powerful ally.

This seminar will include:

  • Methods to work with inner and outer criticism.

  • Process work theory about group facilitation: Social, psychological and spiritual ranks. Hosts and dream figures. What affects us when we work with groups.

  • Deep democracy and the principles of group conflict facilitation.

  • Practical exercises for working with a group and group conflicts.

Seminar 4. The dreams of a shaman. 2 days. Extreme and altered states. Spiritual emergency. Addictions and addictive tendencies. Working with Childhood Trauma. Fear of Death.

What is the difference between extreme and altered states? We will explore the strong energies in addictions and addictive tendencies. We will learn the methods for how to work with addictions.

  • Working with depression

  • Approaching personal trauma

  • Panic attacks in Process Work approach and other modalities.

  • Safety principles for working with altered states. Spiritual emergency.

Seminar 5. Exploring your life myth. The art of charismatic presentations.

What is our life myth? What is our task in this life and the path of our heart? How is it connected to our childhood dreams, childhood trauma and chronic symptoms?

Our personal myth is the organizing principal which drives us in life. When we are connected to our life myth, it becomes much easier to flow with life’s ups and downs, it is like having a map and knowing where you are going.

In this seminar, you will find your life myth through childhood memories, dreams, traumas and chronic body symptoms.

What is charisma? Why are some people charismatic and some not? How to bring magnetism and charm into your public presentation?

Seminar 6. Family Constellation theory and practice, groups.

In this seminar we will explore:

  • Basic family constellation theory.

  • Working with a group using family constellation methods. Facilitator skills.

  • Working with maternal and paternal family lineages. Initiations.

  • Entanglements. Patterns that repeat through generations.

  • Working with ancestry trauma.

  • Practical Exercises.

Seminar 7. Set creative goals.The art of manifestation. Organizational Family Constellation theory and practice.

There are many requests in a coaching practice, which sound like this: I am ready to move to the next level in my career, business, money making, but there is an obstacle I can’t overcome. The obstacles can have various names and shapes - from the person’s partner, to the unnamed atmosphere of fear which stops him/her from moving forward.

The “System Insight” method allows you to experience the energy and the essence of the “obstacle”. In many cases, we find that an obstacle possesses an enormous untapped resource. This method allows us to tap into this resource, to find out what stops one from using it for creative development.

We’ll work in an ecological and safe style to bring this resource into your life without destroying things that work well for you, but allowing you to expand your creative presence in society.

In this seminar we will explore:

  • System Insight. Finding wisdom in the area of money, career and creativity. This method is geared for coaches, managers, business owners, to resolve complex business or career related situations.

  • The goal of this practice is to help a client be more clear about his/her business field dynamics.

  • This gives the client new information and resources to find an effective direction in the business development, to come up with innovative ideas, to see the places of untapped resources and to balance energies in the area of money and career.

Seminar 8. Catskills retreat. “Four Elements” shamanic initiation.

We are going to end our course with a weekend residential retreat in the Catskill mountains. We will work with the Nature elements, and hold a ceremony for opening a vision and creating plans for the future. Setting unbreakable intentions.

Course review, practice and supervisions.


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