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Playback Theater on Jetlag

This is the 3rd performance of Playback Theater on Jetlag. And this time something happened. It's that magical moment when stories told by one of the spectators are important for everyone, both for the actors and for us. What they played for us touched the strings of our souls, we vibrated together, both the actors and the audience, and this music blended with the loud music of the Jetlag festival, like the bright ringing of bells.

The first cohort our Playback program grew up, it is already an independent Theater-Psychological troupe with its own place in the world and its own song. I looked at them a little confused - a few years ago they were my students at the Terrapia School, then we practiced Playback together with Olga Sanachina, and now they are independent creative magicians, and I am a spectator at this bright performance.

It was truly beautiful artistry, keep it up!

And we are starting a new training session for Playback, play, joy, and creativity!

Welcome to join, link in the comments!


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