July 6, 2018

I came to Dina’s TERRApia School of Transformation for psychological support after the loss of a loved one. I couldn’t even imagine that the techniques and methods that I acquired at the school would help me in other spheres and life situations. At every class (we had 10 classes in total, and each class took place once a month and included a whole weekend) we worked at a particular topic. We worked on our personal problems in groups and in pairs.

As a result, at TERRApia School of Transformation, I have...

July 6, 2018

I met Dina at a family constellation workshop. The results of that session pleasantly surprised me. I discovered the incredible methods of working with my family (including several previous generations). Since that moment I have realized that this “magic” is for me. It has bewitched me. Therefore, I decided to extend my toolkit and views of life, even though I already had a degree in psychology and social work.

 I came to the family constellation workshop with the request to have a sober husband and to g...

April 27, 2016

The best thing i could have done for my life. I'm so grateful for Elina Yelyashevich who introduced me to Dina Ostrovsky. And so grateful for Dinochka who, through sharing and teaching us the magical systems of PW and FC, lead me gently into transformation and brought the awareness of magic, and mystery in, and of this world. I love the gorgeous, magical ladies in my group. I love the system. I'm so grateful and blessed. Rock on my goddesses! Spread your wings and fly, run like the tornadoes, and be unt...

April 27, 2016

Dear friends! My school is growing! The first group has finished the first half of the training. We learned Process Work methods to work with dreams, body symptoms, relationships and group facilitation. We researched and developed our personal life myth, the main organizing principal which drives us in life. We set up new creative goals for ourselves. Last weekend we started a new chapter - Family and System Constellations. I shared my vision and knowledge about this magical practice.

This group is in th...

February 16, 2016

1. Why are you in this school?

I am in this school because I became fascinated with the process work and family 

constellation systems, after experiencing them myself, in a couple of Dina’s sessions. 

And since I already have psychology and social work degrees but do not want to 

utilize them as they are, I decided that the systems this school offers would work 

best for me. I also, would love to learn more about myself, develop myself as a 

person and as a professional. I am very excited to learn more magic...

February 5, 2016

Before I met Dina, I felt like I was stock in time. The only difference was that the clock was actually ticking but situations did not change. I was kind of lost in my life. I was not able overcome certain situations. Despite my young age, good health, kindness and attractiveness, and even despite positive thinking that I would usually use to help others, I lost my confidence, I was hopeless and afraid. I did not understand myself, I did not know what to do.

When I met Dina on one of the girls gatherings...

February 2, 2016

Work with the inner critic with Dina Ostrovsky. Creative process of dealing with distractive energy and transforming it into positive. As a result the beautiful mask came out of my unconsciousness. And that was a beautiful image of a magic cat with special powers.


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